Since its introduction to the market in the year 1978, Zamil Ladder factory has been recognized and hailed by its increasing clientele all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, other GCC countries and the Middle East.

Our innovation has led toa number of key developments in the ladder category, Now we make more than fifteen models of Ladders in 100 sizes with uncompromising Quality assurance.All Zamil Ladders are designed and manufactured to the same rigorous quality standards and with a common goal of building a safest climbing equipment possible.Our products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed international safety requirements.

Our ladders are being used in a number of government and private projects. We are also exporting quality ladders with the feasibility in pricing. To give you a brief idea, Zamil Ladder Factory produces a wide selection of differant models of ladders, such as JSL and JSFL are light weight and strong that make these ladders a handy in kitchen, shop, store-room, etc. DSL and DSFL are ideal for around the home use. DPL and DPFL type ladders are versatile, which can be used as a trestle, step ladders or extended to straight ladders as required. CSL and WSL are extra heavy-duty straight ladders, ideal for constructional and maintenance jobs. CDL and WDL are als extra heavy-duty straight ladders. Those are extensable and ideal to be used in industrial construction and maintenance.

in addition the manufacturer has also established a new venture of producing the light step ladders, which are introduced in the market as LSL models. These ladders are extra feather weight and of low cost comparitvely with al other available ladder models in the market. Another series of light-weight and of low cost model straight ladders in six sizes are introduced to the market as OSL and extension ladders in six sizes in the same model are also marketed as ODL

More over we fabricate special safety cage ladders and fire escape ladders as per requirement to be installed in towers, minarets, water tanks, underground pumping unit rooms, housing roofs, etc. Also, we are capable of fabricating all kinds of mobile platform ladders, Telescopic mobile platform scaffolds and loft ladders in aluminium and steel, as specified in McMaster-Carr product catalogue are fabricated according to the customet demand.




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